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The Babes Behind The Blooms


Kirstin Seebach (photographed right) 

Director of Operations & Designer


"My love for flowers was influenced by my grandmother who was an avid gardener & designed gorgeous arrangements for many special events throughout her life. I have always known some way or another floral design would be a big part of my life. My personal design philosophy is vibrant colours always! I love combining all the bright & bold hues that nature has to offer."  

When she is not designing, you can find Kirstin snuggling with her golden retriever Baker, having a dance party at the cottage or enjoying a glass of red with her husband Brett. 

Leah Allen (photographed left) 

Creative & Marketing Director, Lead Designer

"My passion for flowers came later on in life. I've always had an eye for design & expressing myself creatively. I love being able to imagine something in my head & create it with my hands. I graduated with a degree in interior design but always felt I belonged in the wedding industry. Floral design was my perfect harmony.  My design style is influenced by beautiful & romantic, soft pastel tones."

When she is not designing, you can find Leah planning her next trip with her boyfriend Aidan, adding to her ever-growing wardrobe or re-watching the series Friends for the 100th time. 

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